Alpe Furx

The village of Alpe Furx is picturesque, the panorama is breathtaking:

The meadow and forest landscapes of the Rhine Valley are at your feet, the vast horizon seems never ending. The Alpe Furx is a corner of the world that comes close to perfection.

The high plateau of Alpe Furx is a European jewel. From here we can see four countries and count thirty-eight church steeples. Believe me when I say that this view is one you will never forget.

— Karl-Heinz

The middle of the offside

The Alpe Furx is pleasantly quiet. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At 1200m above sea level, Furx is home to no more than twelve people, although the locals are no strangers to having visitors. The visitors enjoy recreation, exercise, adventure and to be at one with nature. There is so much to see! Animals grazing in meadows, wooden hay huts suggesting a time gone by. The small chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul.