The Peterhof

An Inn is not just an Inn. A tale of times gone by and adventures to come…

We cannot spell out the history of Peterhof, but we can turn what we have experienced into what we have told.


Die Peterhof Geschichte.

The Peterhof is a fourth generation, family run business. In 1954, the great-grandparents of the Schmid family demonstrated true pioneering spirit when they rebuilt what was then a farm on the “Alpe Furx,” into an alpine inn.

The venture proved to be a successful one and Angelika and Herbert Schmid accompanied the Peterhof through the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and then handed it over to the hands of their children Anita and Karl-Heinz Schmid.

Today, the Schmid siblings Patrick and Sarah are following in the footsteps of their ancestors and have taken over the management of the Peterhof. It is hardly surprising that the Peterhof  is a heartfelt passion for the two of them; even as children they scampered through the corridors and called the inn their home.

It is fortunate that the good moments outweigh the bad. Today, many Vorarlbergers remember their first attempts on skis on the Zwergberg, followed by a cup of hot chocolate at the Peterhof.

As the years went by the guests would reminisce about the joyful times spent over a beer with friends. The Peterhof has always been a place of gathering, or even more, of being together.

The idyllic atmosphere at the Peterhof continues because the Schmid family, and their team strive to preserve it. The year 2021 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Peterhof. The generous conversion as well as the expansion by ten chalets reflects the future oriented interpretation of the alpine inn. Thus, the Peterhof will be carried into a new era.


The Schmid family themselves guarantee that the signature of the Peterhof will be preserved.

And the Schmids have proven many times: Courage opens up the future.