Peterhof has already taught us many things. Perseverance, togetherness, happiness, and furthermore: Home is where you feel safe. It is our wish that you also feel well taken care of and that you see yourself as part of the family.


Some of our guests have been staying with us for forty years. One of these families came especially to say goodbye to the aging building when the old Peterhof was demolished. These very people were also our first guests in the new Peterhof. I think that speaks for itself.

— Grandma Geli

Family and team

The Peterhof has a great team of people who, through the highs and the lows, have always remained loyal and passionate about the wellbeing of its guests.

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The History of the Peterhof

An Inn is not just a Inn. A tale of times gone by and adventures to come…

About the Peterhof


Minimalist architecture and purist furnishings

Urban development is also in the country à jour. This shows the modern interpretation of local building culture. One thing is certain: The new Peterhof is an architectural statement in the natural beauty of Furx.

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